Surprise Weddings

We all know organising a wedding can sometimes be a stressful experience, that is why Surprise Weddings can work so well, just ask Anna and Shawn. After 14 years and two beautiful daughters together, they decided, when holding a 40th Birthday Party for Anna to make it even more special by surprising all their guests by getting married.

Jane turned up early and helped Anna and Shawn put the final touches to the tables before Anna went out the back to change and 'hide' and Shawn and Jane used their 'developed story' to explain why Anna was late. Jane mingled with guests and assisted with handing out food and taking some photos (to hide her true identity!) Then the moment came when Jane stepped up, got everyone's attention and announced the real reason for being there - SURPRISE!

Surprise Weddings can be so much fun. The stress of everyone being involved is taken away and you can get exactly what you are after, with the added bonus of really delighting and surprising your guests.

Every couple has their own unique story about their lives before during and after their meeting, leading up to their wedding day. Jane will 'interview' you and work closely with you to create a unique ceremony that is all about your unique love story.

Theme Weddings

Picture the scene: A warm afternoon - October 31st. The park is full of vampires, witches, warlocks, skeletons, headless horsemen and other scary creatures. All of a sudden "Devil in Disguise" (Elvis) starts to play and the congregation are interrupted by a beautiful 'witch' walking up the aisle to marry her 'warlock'!

This is not a dream – this was Christine and Peter's Halloween wedding!

Whether it is a Halloween Wedding full of ghouls and monsters or a Medieval wedding full of Monks, Lords and Ladies or anything else you can dream up – nothing is impossible.

Just because a wedding has a serious and solemn side does not mean it can't also be fun and really reflect your personalities. Should you have an idea for a fun themed wedding, feel free to discuss your ideas with Jane. She is full of great ideas and can even help by suggesting songs that could suit your theme. Naturally she will dress up to suit the occasion and work really hard with you to make your wedding dreams come true! The only thing restricting you is your imagination!

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