Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we start?

Jane understands that it can be a bit overwhelming knowing where to start - there are legalities, special vows, music, location, style - so much to consider.  Thanks to Jane's wealth of knowledge and expertise, she will share lots of resources with you and spend time getting to know you so you can discover exactly what you are after (you will be surprised to find you knew what you wanted, but just needed to have help to find it) and then you can all work together to make sure it happens.  Jane aims to make the whole process as enjoyable and easy as possible for you (whilst ensuring everything is legal, of course) - after all, this is a wonderful day in your life.

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How do we choose a celebrant?

Choosing a celebrant is no different that choosing any other supplier for your wedding.  You want to choose someone you feel comfortable with - after all you need to know your Celebrant has your best interest at heart.  Your celebrant should be personable and friendly, present well and make you feel as special as you are.  They should be open to listen to you and for you to know you are heard and that they will run the ceremony in the style you have chosen.  They should have a PA so everyone can hear the ceremony.  On the day you want someone you can trust and know, that if anything is required doing, they will take care of it - they should do anything necessary to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that everyone is calm and relaxed and happy.  Jane and her Assistant Robyn have fixed dresses, cleaned up after pets and children, swept, dusted, vaccuumed, polished, served water, driven the bride to the wedding in the wedding car, parked cars for the bridal party, 'baby sat' young children, stood in the cold, rain, sun - they will do whatever it takes to ensure that the ceremony is a success for you.

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Should we go for a celebrant close to home?

It is completely up to you but not necessarily.  Jane will travel to you - it is her belief that as the very important client, you should be taken care of and worked in with as much as possible, so Jane will work with you and travel to you to make things easier for you.  Jane is also always contactable via phone, email and text.

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I am scared about what I have to do on the day. How will I remember my vows?

It is Jane's job to ensure that everything is made as easy as possible for you so you only have to turn up and enjoy yourself. Jane realises that not everyone remembers everything said at the wedding rehearsal so she will keep you relaxed but informed on the day (she even sms' you to let you know she is at the venue setting up) and will quietly but helpfully advise all of your bridal party where they are standing and will have beautiful cards ready for any readers. Depending on your wishes, Jane can also stand next to you during your vows and quietly whisper your vows to you so you don't have to memorise them, or if you want to memorise your vows, Jane will stand quietly nearby in case you forget and need a helping hand to continue.

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Who can we involve in the Ceremony?

Whoever you like! The witnesses must be over 18, but except for that, if you want someone involved in the ceremony, Jane will discuss the many options available for you.  You can even have pets as part of your ceremony!

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Why do Celebrants charge so much when they only work for half an hour?

Although your ceremony may only go for half an hour (depending on your requests) - most of the work for the ceremony happens before the day. There are meetings to be held, wedding rehearsal, your personalised wedding ceremony to write (which usually takes Jane 5+ hours to write); paperwork to complete and lodge and this is even before the ceremony is held!  Then of course, there is the preparation on the day, the sourcing and  collection of items to assist you in the ceremony and Jane will turn up 1/2-1 hour before the ceremony starts and then usually stay a while after (depending on what you organise) and play music afterwards.  Then it is home to finish the paperwork, lodge it with the government, track it for you and to supply you with the documentation needed to change your name.  A good celebrant's work is never just 'turn up on the day' - it starts a long time before the ceremony and they are always there for you afterwards.

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